One Night @ GB Road

After a long time I met my old friend Madan, we spent some  time in evening

then we decided to freak out so we left for India Gate by 10 PM .I was not aware of his actual thoughts going in background , soon I came to know we were going to G.B.Road .OK G.B.Road I was little bit afraid what to do ? but I wanted to visit and look into so? Lets go to the fief of lust, cruelty and abandoned ladies .

In the heart of capital of India right next to New Delhi railway station GB Road starts. We reached there approximately by 11 PM. It was highly uncomfortable ambiance for me, cacophony and hustle of people quickly we looked out for vehicle stand and parked our bike there.

Now I took complete glance around me it looks like some Hindi movie scene. There was “jharokhas” at first or second floor of every building, sex workers were peeping, taunting and trying to attract there customers. I decided to walk and have look into those areas .I found the inner areas very dark, unpleasant stinking smell was coming from the heap of the waste, I couldn’t bear it any more,  quickly I came out the on the road and move along soon I found a Hanuman Mandir and a smile came on my face . Hanuman Mandir in red light area isn’t it a highly contradictory .

My friend was looking for a pimp soon he found one and we started to follow him, he was refraining us from the other pimp and sex workers wearing cheap silver earrings, lips painted with a loud pink, searching and scanning the streets for the customers. Finally passing through dingy staircases we reached at a brothel.

We were standing out side of a hall my friend was bargaining to them for showing girls and rates etc, I was  silent viewer but observing each and every thing very carefully.

There was a middle age women who called us inside as soon as we get in and reached middle of hall, two men came and we were almost forcefully pushed to a small room of size approx 6.5 ‘ *  4′  * 6’ she locked the door from inside as well as asked someone to lock it from outside too. Great, we were trapped!! the situation was like four humans in one big box. My heart was beating with double speed, and my idiot friend was still arguing. A story from a novel Delhi Noir came in my mind in which a person was trapped almost in this kind of situation and he was forced to go home nude and a seen flashed, I am heading towards Noida without clothes certainly horrible view now this is time to think of  a solution to get rid of the situation taking as much as less time.

Madan as well as the the man who pushed us was drunk, they were arguing like anything, soon I realized this violent conversation need to be end otherwise it can lead to us to be in a very harmful situation in which any thing can happen like a cut from AIDS infected blade, or we can be handed over to police for any virtually created true crime.

So dreadful situation now I decided to get it into the conversation any how I managed Madan to keep quiet I tried to negotiate with them soon situation seems to be in control and they were ready show the girls but still we were forced to be in that locked room only.

Soon they came back and asked for the payment Madan took his valet and picked the 500 Rs mean while they peeped in to his valet almost in a bully manner and found that he was having one more 500 Rs note.Madan offered cigarette but the person denied and given a dialogue “Mai Sirf Apni Marzi Se Peeta Hoon” and ask us to have a seat and wait this time he opens the door this made me little bit relaxed. Soon they arrived with girl before we left out that man frisked us as per him it was for the safety reasons but soon I realize it was for money he took valet from the Madan’s Jeans pocket and taken 500 Rs Note and complete cigarette box giving “Abhi Apna Mood Hai” circumstances was like that Madan was not able to oppose strongly probably he felt he can get his money latter. We left out leaving Madan and the girl behind I was asked to sit down in hall by this time I was comfortable now, seating on a chair I start looking around carefully.

There was small balcony out side of the hall here and there were a lot of condom wrappers were scared, lower half the wall was almost red due to spiting of “gutakha”. Hall where I was seating the height of the roof was very low actually it was divided in two to part by wood work like first floor and second floor and wooden stairs was there to go up. In hall few kids were playing that middle aged woman was having “Dal-Chawal” with some pickle in very weird manner, at my back side there was room I peeped into and it was POOJA room after watching it carefully a smile came on my face I found on same platform There was image of goddess Durga, A Silver Plate having ALLHA on it and A Cross, I  thought of capturing a photo but didn’t may be it give some wrong signal to them and situation can be very bad after then, but yes It was definitely a moment to capture. I again come back start playing one of those kids meanwhile Madan came out, and he started ask for his money back but I was very sure he is not going to get it back after few “BEEP” conversations  they have given 100 Rs back and we were almost thrown out.

He was very angry but I was relaxed, finally we were heading home he was complaining about the girl like a piqued person, but and I was silent and thinking, is desire for sex can demolish the moral value so low unfortunately for me answer was seems to be YES because it was travelling with me .


Kumar Vishal


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37 Responses to One Night @ GB Road

  1. Anonymous says:

    corporate infocome its sucks

  2. Anonymous says:

    300-500 whatever you negotiate and everything else you r carrying

  3. Anonymous says:

    RIP English!!

  4. piyush sharma says:

    ye bhaut bura hai

  5. Gaurav Arora says:

    I Have never visted there but u r right vishal . It becomes very dreadful when someone unexpectedelly face such kind of situation.

  6. Well this certainly is an eye opener. These women are trafficked into the area and forced into this business. And it’s disgusting. Cause they don’t even get their dues. But if you could let me know, is it safe for women to go into that area? For a visit? I guess it’s a really dumb question considering it’s obviously not. But still. If a group of strong, independent women and men went in their to find out and help these people out, how unsafe is it? And considering prostitution is criminalised in India, why has the police not done anything about this area?

    • Kumar Vishal says:

      Hello Mam
      Certainly its very risky and dreadful to go in these kind of areas without any police back up I will highly encourage any girl to do this what I Did . and most these are legal prostitution areas .

      • some one says:

        there is difference between “legal” prostitution and “recognized” prostitution. In India, it is all “recognized” prostitution. Secondly, Madan, i am sure u mean, u would “discourage” girls from going there. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        This shows the situation of law and order in india….yukk

    • Anonymous says:

      You cant think to go there even you have a solid police force back-up or other source. Reason is that what will you do there if these women will say to you that we don’t do wrong here, we are live in family here.

      On other hand, these red alert area are situated legely. Nobody have rights to blame on this that they work wrong. Its a business for them just like a “Sabjimandi”…!

      Anyways, salute your courage…we need such leaders to save our India !

    • Ashant says:

      These are stolen girls from their parents,from their own life, forced and beaten into pulp
      To submit to this horrible practice of degrading sale of their body. Police must get back handers. I have heard their cries, sound of beatings till submission, being watched 24/7,
      Being bought and sold like cows. My first job was in a shop at GB road. I have shed silent tears. You are all blind like, keeping you eyes closed from human suffering. One person or few persons can do Nothing to help them you need army otherwise you will get beaten. I don’t want to write too much because this is not the right place.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes u r right man

  7. Madan says:

    Yaha to jana hi nahi chahiye inse bimari falti hai ye to bahut bura hai

  8. Anonymous says:

    realy very dirty place

  9. Anonymous says:

    According to wikipedia prostitution is legal in india but not brothels

  10. Anonymous says:

    An Insight into the place…..and a good description of how things go on….but just wanted to ask is it okay for common people like me to visit there….m a student as such and wanted to understand the plight of the people living there….not just as a visitor….just like a person who wants to understand the social plight o people living there….!!

  11. Kumar Vishal says:

    Its little risky

  12. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t go there

  13. Anonymous says:

    More than the Description given about the place, i am amused by the confidence in which the author has published the ill written article. RIP English! You should be heading to an English Class the next time…

  14. AB says:

    Good article bro. I’m visiting from out of town and told my cousin I wanted to see what this “G.B Road” place was like. When we got there, we walked up the stairs of the narrow hallway, looked around for about 15 seconds, sat down for another 10 seconds and then got up and left. Now all I can think about is the girls that were sold to these brothel owners for 1-3 lakhs by strangers, brother-in-laws, people from their village, etc & have had their life changed from whatever it was previously to having to live with hundreds of other girls in the same situation. I think about how I could rescue these girls but I’m sure a lot of them have accepted their lifestyle and might even prefer this than the other opportunities that await them. Life in India is hard if you fall out of the system of school, business & arranged marriage. It’s not like the United States where you can start from the bottom and still earn a decent wage and eat and live comfortably by showing up to work 5 days a week. This shit is going to bother me for god knows how long. Fuck.

    • BHARADWAJ says:

      I completely agree with u Mr.AB this system of human trafficking was still going and some innocent women are being made as brothels by their financial and social circumstances

  15. Hope for the Sick says:

    What is the position of the Central Government of India regarding this type of places and activities in Delhi being the Nation’s City Capital? I am an Eye Witness of this place in question[G.B Road].There is presently an urgent and dire need for the powers that be in India to do something immediately to rescue those innocent young Women who have been sold into such an ugly,devastating and degrading activity in New Delhi,India.What a World and Country we live in!.

  16. BHARADWAJ says:

    Human trafficking is worst situation where we are. That too happening in heart of our national capital. Though CM of delhi was a women she was completely failed to control it. Its completely a cruel tiger with innocent goat skin

  17. Anonymous says:

    poorly written…

  18. Jagdish Patel says:

    Verry niace

  19. Divas kumar mishra says:

    Thank u for sharing your experience

  20. Anonymous says:

    Some times going to der place and argue’ng it seems like living in our enemy nation and saying our nation is top….

  21. amiiiit1 says:

    bhai apne aap ko hero mat samjho ki i saw image of lord hanuman and goddess durga and i smiled……and putting all blame on ur frnd that he was pervert and had and desire for sex……
    it was also u who wants to have sex….par tujhe koi mili nahi….
    now u r trying to be gentlemen by writing this article……actually u r a biggest pervert……

  22. piyush says:

    As this is a very important topic , so we should try to spread these on regular social sites. So that everyone will aware and the govt can hear……and one more thing we Indian are now educated but we are not trying to behave like educate….nd try to escape ourselve from our social responsibility…
    Jai hind Jai Bharat

  23. A M says:

    I have been with a prostitute in kotha no64 for three hours.I told her that I need to be with you for 1 hour.then she said that 1000 rs lagenge.I told OK then I have given two five hundred rs note she came back and asked me to come behind and we went to a small room which was build on the same floor as we make in our home just 3.5 feet height to keep our ;’kawaras’.Although I have had sex with that girl I have asked her few questions”Kya tum yahan apni marjee se ho?”then she replied “han” I asked her “tum ne padhai kitni tak ki hai”.She replied”jab main bahut chhoti thi meri maa gujar gayee mera baap bhi bewra tha baad me woh bhi mar gaya phir main gharon me naukrani ka kaam karne lagi.jab tak main chhoti thi tab tak to theek hai lekin jab main bari hui to logon ki gandi gandi najar!!! phir maine kaha ki jab ye kaam tum yahan kar rahi ho to wahin jo mangta usko deti rahti! aisa kyon nahin kiya usne kaha wahan par agar aap kisi se relation banati ho to society me sab jaan jate hain society me rahne me problem.phir maine kaha teri family me aur kaun kaun hai?She told”ek bari sister hai uski shadi ho gayee hai aur ek chhoti sister padh rahi hai ” then I told “achchha hai ek to settled hai”then she replied” nahi uska husband usko chorkar ja chuka hai” ab usko apni chhoti bahan ki padhai bari bahan aur uske bachche ke liye ye sab karti hai.Phir maine poochha “tum kabhi kabhi bahar jati ho?”then She replied”jati hun kabhi kabhi lekin bas aane me ye problem hoti hai ki rickshwalon ko kya bolun ki kahan jana hai!”I asked “yahan par to larke idhar udhar chhoote rahte hain tum bhi idhar udhar chhooti rahti ho kya tumlogon ki aadat to nahi ho gayee is tarah se!”she replied”hum ye kewal paise ke liye karte hain” “jab market me kabhi kabhi koi larke dhakka dete hain to maine to ek baar ek ko kaafi daat layee thi.” I just want to share the story because she does it just for the family.

  24. sinful says:

    GB Road and Sonagachi are the places where many people are looted under the pretext of showing girls. Many peoples were forcefully made to sleep with HIV infected girls/woman. I know a guy who went to Sonagachi in Kolkata, 3 woman locked him inside the room, took away 25000, his gold chain and ring, his mobile phone, credit card and his ID’s. he was forced to make sex with one girl (later he realized she was infected with HIV – as he also caught that infection now) Adventure is good, but at such places, never. People who run these places are virtually dead. Be careful from going to such places. List of very dangerous places in India:

    1. Sonagachi, Kolkata
    2. GB Road, Delhi
    3. Kamathipura, Mumbai
    4. Folkland Road, Kolkata – Guys, Beware, high chances that you may be kidnapped and made Eunuch (Kinnar or Shemale) forcefully to do business. There are several such cases has happened.

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